What Is a Birdie in Disc Golf?

In disc golf, the rule is – the one with the least score wins. And nothing is celebrated more than a birdie, this is because a birdie keeps your scores low, therefore increasing your chances of winning. So, what is a birdie in disc golf? For now, we shall give you a simple definition of a birdie, thereafter we shall explain the meaning and significance of a birdie in detail.  

What Is a Birdie in Disc Golf? 

A birdie in disc golf is a 1 score under par. That is, if the par is -4, for a player to achieve a birdie, he has to complete the hole with 3 throws. Holes in a disc golf course are given a par, those are the maximum number of throws to complete the hole. 

A birdie, therefore, means completing the hole with throws less than one of the par. To help you understand, we shall define each team below. 

What Is Par in Disc Golf? 

As hinted earlier, par is the exact number of throws assigned to a hole for you to finish it. The post is also used to refer to the score where a player finishes the hole with the exact number of throws set for that hole. For instance, if you throw four times to complete a par four hole, then that is a par score. 

What Is a Hole? 

A hole in disc golf is the target where your disc is supposed to land in. In a disc golf course, there are 18 or 9 holes. Every hole in the course is given a par rating as explained before. It should be noted that the holes in disc golf are just terms of the target and not real holes such as those in golf. For one to complete a hole, they have to make throws equal to the number of pars assigned to it. 

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Tees is the area of a disc golf hole from where it starts. The tee usually measures 5-6 ft wide and a length of 8-15 ft. 


An ace is the term used when one completes a disc golf hole with a single throw. 


Deuce is a term used when a player completes a disc golf hole with just two throws. 


A bogie is a term used to refer to complete a hole with one throw above par. That is a par +1 throw. 


When a player manages to complete a par -4 hole with just a single throw, it is referred to as an albatross or a double eagle. 

What Does an Eagle Mean in Disc Golf? 

After answering the question – what is a birdie in disc golf? We can easily understand an eagle. An eagle is slightly different from a birdie in that it is 2 throws below par. So if for an instant when you are at a par -4 hole, to achieve a birdie, you shall have to complete the hole with 2 throws. An eagle isn’t easy to achieve in a disc golf game. 

What Does a Lie Mean in Disc Golf? 

For a lie, you are required to make your subsequent throw from the point where your disc from the previous throw landed. The disc is kept at that position by turning it upside down then you stand at that point and make your next throw. 

What Are the Advantages of a Birdie in a Disc Golf Game? 

As we have seen, a birdie is a score of one-under-par. A win in disc golf is determined by the least number of throws to reach the target. Therefore, the lowest score takes the day. In case you are lucky to par each hole, your score shall be zero, which ain’t easy to get. 

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For instance, if you score a birdie in all the holes, you shall achieve a total score of 18 under par, but if you score a bogie in all the holes, your score shall be 18 above par which is very poor. 

Tips on How to Improve Your Birdie Possibilities 

Now that we have seen the advantage of a birdie, players strive to birdie each hole. It takes a lot of training and mastery of the game to achieve birdies in all the holes in a disc golf course. 

Here are some tips to help you improve your game and bring more possibilities to birdie each hole. 

Choose and use the correct discs 

Disks in the game of disc golf are designed for each level of expertise in the game. Therefore, there are discs meant for beginners, intermediate, amateur, advanced, and pro players. The rule here is simple, go for a disc that matches your level of skill. This way, it shall be easy to make throws and therefore easy to land birdie. 

Know the ratings of flights 

Golf discs come with ratings that represent their flying capabilities. The ratings are usually four numbers indicated in the front of the discs. The ratings define the glide, speed, low-speed fade, and high-speed turn of the disc. Understanding disc flight ratings let you compare discs and choose the right one for your game level. 

Improve your putting by 10 times 

You might be struggling with putting in your short game. The thing is that you have to understand and master your skill inputting. Now, the best way to learn how to putt is by pushing your limits by the 10 times more challenge. 

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The 10 times more challenging is where you target putting ten times more that you believe you can achieve. During this challenge, you need to intensify your training and make it more regular. It is advisable that you buy a disc golf basket to help you with training at home. If you try stretching your limits, you surely shall be better at putting. 

Go play disc golf 

Sometimes it is not worth troubling one’s self with perfection, especially when you are not a professional player. 

Why not go out there and just make your throws without the worry of putting and achieving better scores? 

Disk golf is fun to throw and watch the disc fly, there are also a lot of other peripheral advantages you get with it. So, what is a birdie in disc golf? We believe you now understand a birdie and much more!