Is Slammo As Good As Spikeball?

Slammo and Spikeball are games that are similar but differ in quality. The close similarities often get people wondering which one to choose, and there arise such questions as – is Slammo as good as Spikeball? Slammo came after spike ball, but preceding doesn’t mean poor experience with the product. To help you answer this question, we came up with the below comparison to help you decide which of the two is the best. 

What Are the Differences Between Slammo and Spikeball 

First, we shall go through the differences between Slammo and Spikeball to help us understand and decide whether Slammo is as good as Spikeball. 

Adjustable legs 

One of the prime advantages of Spikeball is that it’s designed with adjustable legs. Slammo lacks adjustable legs. The thing is that you really cannot predict the evenness of the ground you are going to play in and adjustable legs give the flexibility to balance in any terrain. Therefore when talking about flexibility and versatility with the evenness of the playground, Slammo isn’t as good as Spikeball. For Slammo, you are limited to flat surfaces, or you have to prepare a flat surface before you play. 

A training ball 

On this, Slammo takes the day. Slammo were keen enough to add a training ball to their kit, something which Spikeball kit doesn’t have. The ball is beginner-friendly and comes in a bigger size compared to the tournament ball. So, Slammo really takes care of the beginners including kids. Spikeball has failed in this area and therefore Slammo is better than spike ball in this. 

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Quality of the ball 

Both Slammo and Spikeball have different ball qualities and capabilities. Spikeball has maintained its quality and make durable and slightly heavy balls compared to Slammo. So if you are in need of a ball that shall last with any conditions, Spikeball is your best bet. 

On the other hand, the Slammo ball has its advantage, it’s light and bounces better than the ball spike ball. Therefore, for users who are interested in more bounces, you shall enjoy the ball of Slammo. 

The cost 

When it comes to cost, as you can already guess, Spikeball is more expensive than Slammo. Actually, we can comfortably say that Slammo is cheap, considering that you can bet it for as low as $20-$30. Therefore, in terms of price, Slammo is better than spike ball. Considering that the differences are minor, those running on a budget prefer Slammo. 

The overall quality 

Overall, the quality of material and durability all favors Spikeball. But that is not to say that Slammo is of bad quality, it is in order to put it that Slammo is of lower quality compared to Spikeball. This brings the questions of the durability of the Slammo set.  

The Slammo set can last for very long, however, unlike spike ball, it has to be taken good care of. For instance, you are not supposed to leave the set in the open sun when not in use due to the relatively low-quality material used to make it. There are also complaints about the net of Slammo set not adjusting well, this might be attributed to the low-quality clips on the frame of Slammo. 

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Is Slammo As Good As Spikeball? The Similarities 

To help us answer the question, we proceed to the similarities of Spikeball and Slammo. Actually, other than the quality of material and make, Slammo and quick ball have a lot to share.  

The first advantage is life insurance. Both Slammo and Spikeball have life insurance that ensures that you get value for your money. For this part, Slammo is as good as Spikeball.  

Outdoor recreational games need a lot of carrying of equipment. The good similarity between Slammo and Spikeball is that both of them come with a carrying bag to get them wherever you decide to take your next fun and game. 

A customer service that is responsive and quick is important. Both Slammo and Spikeball offer responsive customer service. In case you need a replacement, they both do it in a timely manner and never fail on their promised warranty. 

So, Is Slammo As Good As Spikeball?  

The question of whether Slammo is as good as spike ball cannot be directly answered. From the above similarities and differences, we learn that none is actually better than the other. The good or bad now depends on the buyer’s needs. 

In terms of quality, we can say that spike ball has an unbeatable quality that Slammo, and therefore Slammo isn’t as good as Spikeball in quality. However, Slammo is of fair quality and can be durable especially if taken care of well. Still, we really cannot question the lower quality of Slammo given the cheaper materials used. 

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In terms of performance, both are good and bad in different areas. Slammo isn’t as good as Spikeball when it comes to flexibility of areas it can use. This is because of the adjustable legs that enable spike balls to perform on any terrain. On the other hand, the ball of Slammo bounces better, and still, they offer an extra training ball which comes in handy for beginners. 

When to Go for Slammo

You are a beginner and need a set that is training friendly. As mentioned earlier, you shall get a training ball and a cheaper price to begin with. 

Choose Slammo when most of the grounds you are planning to play on are flat since it doesn’t have adjustable legs. 

If you prefer balls that bounce more, then Slammo is your best bet. 

Go for Spikeball when: 

You need a heavy built set that shall last under all conditions. 

When you plan to play on uneven grounds so you can take advantage of the foldable legs. 

Final word: Is Slammo As Good As Spikeball?

Is Slammo as good as Spikeball? Our answer is, it depends on your preferences and needs. Slammo is good for those on a budget and beginners, while spike ball is excellent for experts in the game who need a quality set that shall last.