One Hole Washer Rules

Washer toss, a fun and engaging lawn game, is also known as sewers, hillbilly horseshoes, tailgate toss, huachas, and washer pitching. The origin of the game is shrouded in mystery, but currently, the game is experiencing a rise in popularity. In this post, we will discuss one hole washer rules.

Washer toss has many different versions. Therefore, we will just touch on the rule of the basic form of the game, namely one hole washer. But before that, let’s take a look at the setup of the game.

One Hole Washer Setup

The game requires a cube-shaped box closed with a latch. When the box is unlatched, the bottom and the top come apart. At the center of each part, there is a PVC pipe. You need a set of 8 washers to play the game.

On the inside, the bottom and top pieces look the same. The bottom surface is covered by a carpet type material. When playing the game, players target the PVC pipe, which is the “hole”. And you toss the two sets of four washers.

The two pieces are set at 20 feet away. The pieces are aligned accordingly, resembling cornhole boards. When setting up the game, you can use a string to measure the distance.

Once the setup is complete, participants start tossing washers.

One Hole Washer Rules Explained

The game is played in teams, and each team has one or two players. If it is a one-on-one match, both participants have to toss in the same direction. After each round, both players rotate sides. And if there are two players in each team, one participant from each team stands on one end.

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There is a systematic way to determine the playing order. Participants engage in a “diddle”, during which they toss the washers at the opposite side. The player who can send the washer closest to the cup is supposed to go first. An extra diddle is conducted if there is a tie.

The first team will throw their washers one by one. If there are two players in each team, then each teammate has to toss twice. Once they have thrown all eight washers, scores are recorded, and the players change sides. Then the next round begins.

One hole washer rules are not strict. Washers can be tossed from either side. A player can put one foot past the front of the box or board. However, the rules must be determined in the beginning.

Tossing tallies

Washer toss scoring is not the same in all places. However, if you are new to the game, you can remember a basic system.

Washer toss is played in rounds, just like cornhole. A team wins if it reaches 21 points. The scoring is determined based on how close the washers are thrown to the hole or cup. The distance is measured usually just by looking at the washers.

If the washer reaches the hole or cup, the player gets 3 points. If the washer is on the board or in the box, the player gets 1 point.

Once the players have tossed all eight washers, the points are added. In each round, just one team can finish with points. The number of points that the winning team gets is the difference between the two scores.

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There is an alternative rule too. A team wins only when it earns 21 points. In case a team scores more points than needed, the score is deducted. The game continues until a player scores the exact number of points needed to win.

Washer toss game etiquette

Players are also supposed to maintain some etiquette, apart from the one hole washer rules. Players have to set a pit. Before starting, they shake hands. And during a toss, they must not distract the opponent.

After every turn, the participants have to go and inspect which washer has gone closer to the cup. Sometimes, a player may end up pushing the opponent’s washer toward the cup. If that happens, the lucky player will win the round.

Before all the players have agreed on the score, moving the washers is not acceptable. Typically, players determine the measurements by just looking at the washers. In rare cases, players may have to use a meter or ruler to measure the distance and assess which washer is closer to the cup.

Best Places to Play the Game

A great thing about washer toss is that it does not require a large space. The box is small. Washer toss boxes are easy to transport. And the box can hold all the washers. The game’s popularity is indebted partly to this easy transportability. Here are the best places to play the game:

The park

The park is an ideal place to play this game.   When you go to the park with your family, you can easily take this game with you. To play this game, you are going to need just 21feet of space. That means, finding a venue is not an issue.

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A party or gathering

Washer toss can add joy or fun to a party or gathering. Anyone can play this simple game. You can even ask your mother, grandma, cousin, or uncle to take part in the game. Tossing a tiny washer is the only skill required to play this game. Even people who are extremely clumsy can take part in washer toss.

Tailgate party

During a tailgate party, playing this interactive game is a great way to have fun. To toss the washers, it only takes one hand. So, people can drink, eat or use a phone. Everybody can enjoy this entertaining game. You can play it at any venue, and the setup is easy.

In conclusion

Washer toss is like most other backyard games: fun and uncomplicated. One hole washer rules are not set in stone. They are pretty flexible. This is a perfect game for the youngsters, partly because they can easily throw the lightweight washers. Now you know how to play the game. Give it a try.