How Much Do Disc Golf Players Make?

Disc golf is yet to get into the mainstream fully. Actually, a percentage of the world’s population haven’t heard of the game, let alone playing it. However, in states and countries where the game is well-received and widely played, thousands of the players have turned it into a prolific profession. The low-entry and user-friendly disposition of this game have made it the choice for most professionals looking to earn a living. I’ve mastered the drill and want to play it at the professional level. Would you want to explain further how much do disc golf players make?

Do Disc Golf Players Make Money Even?

Absolutely. Pro disc golfers earn most of their income from activities associated with this fun-centered player-centric game. According to Paysa and PDGA, disc golf players earn approximately higher than $100,000 yearly. 

Reports by PDGA and Paysa have shown that the average yearly income of professional disc golfers is $116,037. The reports indicated that 25% of the lowest earners make below $62,970 yearly, while the 75% higher-earning disc golfers make over $145,198. The top-paid 10% disc golfers such as Paul McBeth, Richard Wysocki, Hannah McBeth, Paige Pierce, and others earn over $213,198. These figures were taken from the bonuses, base salary, and equity the pro disc golf players made.

How Do Pro Disc Golf Players Earn Money?

Getting the pro disc golfer badge won’t happen overnight. It’s a journey that took well-known industry leaders such as James Conrad, Eagle Wynne McMahon, and the likes, years of hard work and commitment. But how do these expert disc golf players earn a living? Here is what PDGA, the professional disc golf association similar to NFL and NBA, founded originally in 1976, recommends.

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Engage in tournaments

One widespread way pro disc golfers earn a living is through winning tournaments. Taking part in a tournament presents you not only an opportunity to earn money but also give you exposure. You also get to make friends and meet pro golf sponsors who could finance your future participation in similar events.

The amount earned from disc golf tournaments depends on how big and widespread the disc golf event is. Higher-level events pay more compared to lower-level tournaments, with rates ranging between $1000 and $10000 for first position holders. However, don’t forget that each golf event comes with added costs, including the money needed for lodging, entry fees, and food.

Get sponsors

Pro disc golf players also earn money from sponsorship deals with well-known companies. Some good earning disc golfers have also got sponsorships with disc golf gear and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. These sponsors use a player’s reputation for advertising their goods and, in return, appreciate them through cash payment, free gear, or payment for events. Some sponsors also pay for lodging, travel cost, and food.

Sponsors are all over, but they can only notice your potential when you engage in tournaments. So, for you to get sponsors, you must first look and register for tournaments.

Market yourself on social media platforms

In this era of soft print media, you don’t necessarily need to waste time and money begging the managers in big media houses to give you a platform to tell the world about what you got. Social media websites the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have eased the marketer’s burden. You can now create a fan page or channel with any of these sites and start attracting followers and potential sponsors through selling your skills online. Present your products, services, and skills in the most professional way, winning more following and deals than your competitors, and watch as you win tournaments, sponsors, and make more sales.

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How Much Does The Highest-Paid Professional Disc Golf Player Earn?

Currently known as the world’s most paid and known disc golf player, Paul McBeth has been pictured in globally recognized magazines, blogs, websites, and more. He is currently trending as the highest-rated disc golfer that takes the most money home, has the highest signature disc sales, and boosts the largest sponsorship deals.

In fact, Paul McBeth has a branded signature disc line with Discraft made of 4 unique molds. These discs are currently leading in sales in disc golf retailers throughout the world. Rumors have it that Paul sells each disc for $4 and sold over 100,000 pieces last year alone. The discs are more costly when compared to similar molds from his competitors.

Paul McBeth’s most known winnings include 5 PDGA World Championships, 1 Aussie Open, 2 United States Disc Golf Championships, 4 European Opens, and 1 European Masters. The total amount Paul McBeth has ever earned from tournaments equal more than $500,000 as of January 2021. As for his 4-year deal with Discraft, he earned millions as a representative.

Is It Possible to Earn as A Beginner Pro Disc Golfer and What Are Some Challenges?

Yes. Even Paul McBeth was a beginner someday. He didn’t wake up a world-winning disc golfer. He worked hard and triumphed over the usual challenges and moved up the career ladder to his top-leading position. If you’re beginning your career as a professional disc golfer, you must understand that all the costs on player fees, new discs, travel fees, meals, and equipment will be on your head. 

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All these costs combined with frequent losses may make you lose interest and quit before you even get noticed. However, only when you accept these challenges and work harder to build your disc golf career, will you be able to earn a badge as a top player and earn generous amounts doing what you love and know how to do best.

How Much Do Disc Golf Players Make – Conclusion

To know the amount disc golf players make, you can use the average pay scale of the top-paid players combined with the lowest-paid players. Organizations such as PDGA, responsible for the progression and development of the disc golf game, have detailed information outlining everything you must know about pro disc players’ earnings. 

Check the website to gather information on how much you should expect to earn from sponsorships, tournaments, and other similar activities once you gained the mileage.