How Do I Choose a Croquet Mallet?

As you are well aware, the croquet requires a variety of equipment plus all the sets that are offered always have the needed equipment for the play to begin immediately. Most of the croquet sets include hoops, balls, mallets, and a leg at the center with some of the sets having optional equipment sets but the mallet is the part that is most important. Many of us wonder how to choose a croquet mallet. 

Well, don’t go anywhere, as we got your answer right here. Whether you are a beginner or you are a well-experienced player, it is highly important that you have a mallet that suits the need that you have that includes comfortability and game effectiveness. 

As you look and search for the different mallets that are available in the market, you can be easily confused as they come in many sizes, styles, and designs.  It is often hard to pick out the most suitable croquet mallet for you. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best croquet mallet plus we have managed to provide you with a meaningful guide and ease your decision. 


The croquet mallets arrive in many sizes and are highly important that you acquire yourself a mallet that has a length that is suitable for you. How do I choose a croquet mallet according to the size of the player makes it easier for one to choose the most suitable mallet. 

Often, the bigger mallets are for the family sets while the smaller mallets are for the children’s sets. Another method to show which length best suits you, is to stand aside from the mallet and ensure that you are in a comfortable position especially when your feet are slightly apart. 

It although becomes an individual decision, when it comes down to the grip and comfortability. Some of the opinions vary, as some of the people prefer when the mallet reaches the hip as opposed to the others that prefer when the mallet reaches the belly button. 

Some of the experienced players often buy the tall wooden mallets and gradually cut the mallet down to a comfortable size. Egyptians often play with the shorter mallets as they bend low many times during play. The croquet is a popular game in Egypt and it is also televised there. 

Mallet head 

For those asking how do I choose a croquet mallet, the mallet head is an important factor. The mallet head comes in various different sizes and shapes with embellishments. Mallets often come with round and square heads. 

Most of the serious players, professionals, and clubs often use the square mallet head. This is because it becomes very easy when one wants to play a difficult shot. When playing using a square mallet head you can be able to step back in order to check alignment and also make the mallet upright. 

Some of the mallet heads have been branded with brass which adds on protection and extra strength for the head of the croquet mallet. The brand of brass prevents the head of the mallet from splitting, plus it adds some extra weight and enables one to enjoy the game. 


The mallet heads are made of various different materials most of them being manufactured from wood but most of the professionals use mallet heads that are manufactured of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Most of the professional players or clubs can either use fiberglass or carbon fiber, but it all comes down to personal preference and the one that is most suitable for you. 

The wooden mallets vary on the features and designs of the head of the croquet mallet and are also made of different wood types. Some are made using only one type of wood as opposed to the others that are made using two wood types that are totally different in order to add on the durability and strengthens the mallet. 

Some of the mallets have rosewood mallet and ash shafts of which makes them feel and look like the professional mallet for the professional players but also it adds on the quality and the durability in the game. 


For those curious about How do I choose a croquet mallet, the weight of the mallet plus often an important factor. It entirely depends on the material it is manufactured from but what matters most is that you always should be comfortable. 

Many of us tend to buy mallets weighing between 1.3kg and 1.6kg, although it entirely depends on personal preference. If you choose the mallet that is shorter or longer than you, then it is advisable that you increase or reduce the weight. 

As you well know, the head of the mallet is heavier, hence the shaft must also be stronger. Longer shots tend to become easier with a heavy mallet. This is because the head of the mallet assists with the ongoing pendulum motion thus the shots become straighter and harder with a much more reduced effort. When attempting delicate shots or stop-shots on a slightly fast lawn then it is easier for you to possess a lighter mallet. 

Grip and shaft 

Different mallets all over have grips and also shafts that are totally different from each other and are also designed to suit the players and make them comfortable. Most of the mallets either have an octagonal handle or a round handle. 

Some of the mallets also have a cushioned grip while others have a wooden engraved shaft. A well-cushioned grip enables comfortability during play and also minimizes and prevents shock when hitting the ball. 

Choosing the Best Croquet Mallet 

As of now, you are already aware of how do I choose a croquet mallet that is durable for my gameplay and makes me at ease and easily comfortable during the game. In order to choose a good croquet mallet for you, you should be able to know what you like as this comes down to a personal preference or choice. There are no fast and hard rules, hence wherever possible, buy the most suitable one.