Bocce Throwing Techniques

Although it seems to be a game for leisure, the bocce game can get very competitive and has a very long history. The casual games we play as a family can turn into a very intense match, in case everyone wants to win. Knowing the simple basic rules in the bocce game can not be enough for you to win. In case you pride yourself on being a very competitive player, then you may start to look for tips and the best Bocce throwing techniques in order to win and improve in your general game. 

Down below we have listed you with the best throwing techniques and useful strategies of which you can implement in your game to ensure that you become one of the best bocce players. In order to allow for it to be more useful and comprehensive for all the skill levels of the players, the relatively basic strategies plus the advanced bocce throwing techniques is what we would focus on as we progress down below. 

The Bocce Ball Basic Strategies 

Similar to the other games, there are the basics for the bocce ball that need to be on your fingertips before you know how to acquire a win. Make good use of the tips provided to you down below and get acquainted with the bocce ball. 

  1. Always ensure that you are comfortable 

This is among the first things that you should always feel like before you proceed to win the game. You will definitely throw efficiently and better as you are comfortable. You should always take slightly deep breaths and also try to remain calm and relaxed before any bocce game, as the nerves can take over and mess the toss-up. 

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Some of the players even go to a point of having a quick drink so as to loosen up. Besides the mental relaxation, shoes, and clothes that you are wearing create a big difference in the comfort levels. 

You should always wear clothes that allow your arms and legs to be fully mobile. You should also wear closed shoes that are sturdy and comfortable such as gym shoes. Wearing open footwear like the flip flops and sandals brings upon unstable stances that can cause one to slip and cause injuries and emergencies. 

  1. Ensure that you develop a winning position 

In the bocce game, there are two different positions in the Bocce throwing techniques most of us use. Some of the players prefer when they crouch while others prefer standing. 

You should find the position or stance that easily works in your favor to ensure a great and efficient toss. In case you prefer tossing while standing, you should keep the feet a little bit apart to ensure that you have a firm stance. 

In case you like crouching while tossing, lead using the left foot plus put the right foot all the way down in case you are among the right-handed people and vice versa is also true. Most of the professional players tend to toss while in the crouching position. In both situations, you have to put most of the weight on the foot that is leading while resting the other foot on the floor or ground. 

  1. Improve the grip 

You first need to improve on your grip before securing a bocce win. Ensure that you always grip the bocce ball using your forefinger and thumb, and also cradle the remaining on your palm. The grip ensures that one has excellent ball control without clutching it forcefully. After that, you should the strength provided by the index finger and the thumb to ensure an effective throw. 

  1. Plan the throw. 
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As you well know throwing the ball close to Pallino Is the ultimate goal in the bocce game, but there is slightly more to winning a game. Depending on the opponent’s ball position and the surface of the court, you can easily strategize the type of throw one has to make. 

If you play on a court surface that is soft and it is difficult for the balls to ensure that they have rolled far enough, you may opt for a toss that is slightly raised that ensures your ball reaches at least halfway towards your target before it begins to roll. This is the point where you can input various throwing techniques into your game. 

Bocce Throwing Techniques for Beginners 

After you are already familiar with the basics, we have provided you with the throwing techniques that include 

  1. Pointing technique 

This happens when you roll the bocce ball and get it close to Pallino, your goal being able to manage a point. It is also called lagging, Punto or Pintala. Your as should also be straight and also move it in a pendulum motion, keeping your shoulders at the level and your head in a still position.   

This is definitely one of the better options when one has a clear shot directly to the Pallino. It is also used during your first ball of the game. 

  1. Shocking 

This is also known as bombing, hitting, Raffa or shooting. It is among the best Bocce throwing techniques out there. It involves hitting a ball using another one. You can also hit your ball and ensure that it is close to Pallino or you can decide to hit an opponent’s ball in order to remove it from the way. The shot will be delivered in the air, with no backspin and low trajectory. 

  1. Banking 
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Bank shots are crucial as they assist in rounding balls of which are blocking the way. This involved bouncing the ball against rails in order to change and get the angle to places of which tend to be difficult to finally reach. 

  1. Push technique 

This happens when you push the bocce ball out of the hand using your own palm. This is a great method to toss the ball with a minimum spin of which improves the consistency and accuracy of the throw. 

Bocce Throwing At Its Finest 

The Bocce throwing techniques and strategies discussed above will help you improve on your bocce game and secure a win. You will also need to adjust the strategy entirely based on factors that include the position of the other balls that are in play and the court surface. 

If you follow the techniques and strategies above there is nothing stopping you from a win in the bocce game.