Top 3 Throws for Beginner Frisbee Players

Uncover the secrets of the backhand, forehand, and hammer throw to elevate your Frisbee game—learn why these are essential for beginners.

When you're starting out in Frisbee, mastering the backhand, perfecting the forehand, and learning the hammer throw can greatly enhance your game. Each of these throws offers unique advantages and challenges, and they're essential for your overall development as a player. You'll find that the backhand is intuitive, while the forehand may require a bit more finesse and the hammer throw presents a thrilling mix of power and precision. As you explore these throws, you'll discover which ones suit your style and situation best. What's next? Well, that's where the nuances of each technique come into play.

Mastering the Backhand Throw

perfecting disc golf technique

To master the backhand throw, start by gripping the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath, ensuring control over its flight. This grip is fundamental in Ultimate Frisbee, providing the stability needed for a precise throw.

Next, focus on your stance. Keep your elbow high and close to your body. This position is essential as it aids in a smooth release of the disc, minimizing the risk of an erratic throw. As you prepare to throw, remember that the power of your backhand throw largely comes from the rotation of your hips and shoulders. Turn them away from your target initially, and as you throw, rotate them swiftly towards your target. This motion not only powers your throw but also helps in maintaining accuracy.

Lastly, don't forget the wrist snap. The snap of your wrist at the end of the throw is what adds spin to the disc, allowing it to stay aloft and stabilize in the air. Practice this wrist snap diligently; it's the key to keeping the disc's flight path straight and controlled. Always follow through after releasing the disc to complete the motion and maximize the throw's effectiveness. Keep practicing, and you'll see your skills soar!

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Perfecting the Forehand Throw

Have you ever wondered how to make your forehand frisbee throw both powerful and precise? Perfecting your forehand throw starts with mastering the grip and the stance. Hold the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath, ensuring a firm yet comfortable hold. You'll want to step forward with your non-dominant foot, keeping your shoulders square to your target. This position is essential as it forms the foundation of a strong throw.

The key to increasing the power and accuracy of your forehand lies in the wrist snap. As you release the disc, focus on snapping your wrist sharply. This motion adds spin to the disc, stabilizing its flight and improving your control over where it lands. Remember, the wrist snap is a quick, flicking motion that comes at the end of your arm's extension.

For beginners, it's important to start practicing at shorter distances. Release the disc at eye level to maintain a consistent, smooth trajectory. As you get more comfortable with the mechanics, gradually increase both the power and distance of your throws. With consistent practice, you'll see significant improvements in both the power and accuracy of your forehand throws.

Learning the Hammer Throw

mastering the hammer throw

Learning the hammer throw, an essential skill for overcoming defenders, begins with mastering the unique grip and precision release. As a beginner, you'll find this Frisbee throw quite different, as it starts with holding the disc upside down. Place your thumb on top and curl your fingers underneath the rim. This grip is important as it affects the disc's flight path.

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Next, focus on the release. You'll throw the Frisbee overhead, almost like swinging a hammer, hence the name. The motion should be fluid and quick. Start with your arm extended behind your head, then bring it forward in a swift, arc-like motion. Release the disc at the peak of this arc to send it flying over any obstacles, including defenders.

Practice this throw with varying levels of power. Less force will make the Frisbee hover closer, while more power extends its reach. This control is essential for effectively using the hammer throw in games.


As you immerse yourself in the world of Frisbee, think of these throws as your toolkit. Mastering the backhand, perfecting the forehand, and learning the hammer throw will elevate your game like a soaring eagle. Every flick of your wrist and snap of your fingers carves the path to your success.

Keep practicing, stay focused, and remember, the sky's the limit. With dedication, you'll not only play the game—you'll change it.