Benefits of Disc Golf

Disk golf has become a popular game, especially after 2000. When looking for the best game to put your playtime in, there are a lot of factors to consider. The main is the benefit you shall get playing that particular game. The benefits of disc golf have remained uncovered with the previous unpopularity of the game. Today, we look at the wonderful benefits that playing disc golf shall give you. 

Benefits of Disc Golf

Exercise and weight loss 

Playing disc golf involves activities. In the process of playing, you shall be walking, throwing the disc, running, and many other exercise movements. The best news is that you shall never realize that you are actually exercising due to the excitement during playing. 

In case you need to shed some excess weight, playing disc golf shall help you burn some calories. Throwing the disc combined with walking up a steep slope, and running burns a lot of calories. About five calories are lost when you throw a disc for one minute during disc golf playing. When one walks while throwing at the same time, they can burn up to 10 calories each minute. 

Brings you close to nature 

Disk golf courses are made with a little tamper to nature compared to golf courses. Some of the barriers used are trees and hillocks. The ground is covered by grass and all the time, you shall have a direct touch with nature, enjoying the clean natural outside air.  

Offers chances to network and create a community 

One of the best benefits of disc golf is that it brings people together. Once you join a disc golf club, you shall meet people with similar interests as yourself. You get a chance to interact with them and get a sense of belonging to the disc golf community. Bonds formed from the disc golf arena can tighten and even benefit stuff out of the game. 

The feelings of flying and fun 

By playing golf disc, you get excited and have a lot of fun. Throwing your discs and watching them fly to land in your target shall give you a flying feeling. Making fun with the discs and trying out different possibilities shall bring joy to your life. 

Easy to learn and can be played by anyone 

Golf disc is easy to learn and start playing. As long as you aren’t interested in participating in championship competitions, the basic rules are enough. Once you start playing, you can now train yourself and become better at strategies and harder rules.  

Anyone can play disc golf. Disk golf is simple and any age or gender can play. It’s all about targeting and flying discs to reach the set target, who can’t do that? Still, people of all sizes can do it as long as you can walk, running is an option. 

Disk golf can be played anywhere 

There are no exceptions on places where you can play disc golf. Of course, it is supposed to be played in a designed disc golf course, but the fact is that it started with teens flying container lids to hit a target. Therefore, whether you are at home or at the beach, mark targets and get flying. 

Quicker sessions than golf 

Golf has very long sessions that can be sometimes tiresome. This is where disc golf comes in with its easy and faster sessions. This shall ensure you don’t get bored and leave the mission due to fatigue. 

It’s a relaxing family sport 

Disk golf, as said earlier, can be played by people of all ages, gender, and size. Therefore, the whole family can compete in throwing discs at golf courses or anywhere else. You don’t have to strictly follow the rules to get competitive. Try it anywhere with your family and watch the bond grow. 

Everyone needs to relax after a day or week of work. You can relax by playing disc golf. The challenge of trying to reach your target shall keep you off disturbed mindset. As mentioned earlier, the flying feeling shall give you pleasure as your disc flies and lands in your target. By hitting your targets, you get replenished energy and positive thoughts and feelings of achieving. 

Improves problem-solving 

Playing disc golf involves solving problems. You have a target to reach by flying your disc, you have to strategize to reach your target. This teaches you problem-solving that shall also manifest in the outside life such as management and others. 

Can be done as a profession 

As mentioned earlier, disc golf is now a popular competitive game around the world. You shall be perfect in the game and go professional. Professional disc golf players earn a decent income and are sort after as brand ambassadors and many other advantages. 


If you have a desire to travel and explore the world, then disc golf is the place, to begin with. Traveling especially becomes fun for a professional disc golf player. You shall travel to different destinations for championships and tournaments. While in the competitions, a casual disc throw on sandy beaches isn’t an issue. 

Teaches independence and confidence 

One of the benefits of disc golf is that you are a lone player against your opponents. The idea of being alone and chasing your targets to win improves your independence. You get confident as you engage independently. The confidence and independence gained when playing disc golf shall manifest in other areas of your life. 


The benefits of disc golf cannot be exhausted. The list is endless, which gives you the importance of you getting the discs and start throwing even when at home. Joining communities and networking is something most people look for, if you like flying discs, the people you shall meet at the disc golf clubs shall also be enthusiasts of throwing and that’s where it all starts. 

If you get serious and get to the expert level, disc golf can be your well paying profession. The benefits are unlimited and you should consider starting today.