Pancake Catch Frisbee

Pancake catch frisbee is among the best double hand catch in frisbee. That said, most players concentrate more perfecting on their throw while giving little attention to the catch. For an excellent frisbee gamer, you need to balance your training and get good at both the throw and catch. Today, we shall explore the pancake catch frisbee and leave you a pro in all its aspects. 

What’s Pancake Catch in Frisbee 

If you are a beginner, you might be unfamiliar with a pancake catch. As the name suggests, it is the reception of a disk with both of your hands, and your palms together. Since the catch involves two hands, it is the most basic two-hand catch. You can best employ this technique when recurving straight forward throws. 

Two-handed and One-handed Catches 

In the definition of pancake catch frisbee, we have mentioned that it’s a two-hand catch, what then does a two-hand catch mean? In frisbee, the catch techniques are classified into two broad groups, that is, the one-hand and two-hand catch.  

The one-hand catch category comprises all the catches that are done involving a single hand. The one-hand catch needs mastery and is usually unadvisable when you got an option for any of the two-handed techniques. 

The two-handed technique is where you use two hands to catch the disk. There are a lot of variations in styles that these techniques can be used since there is the use of both hands. It is always advised that the one-hand catch should be given priority in all situations unless forced to use the one hand techniques. The pancake catch falls under this category. 

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How to Apply Pancake Catch 

Positioning your body and arms correctly shall ensure a sure and safe catch. The following tips shall help you catch correctly. 

Always ensure that your two hands are vertically parallel to each other. Let the palm of the hand on the lower side face straight towards the sky while the one on top has its palm facing downward.  

Wait for the frisbee disk at this position. When it is time to catch, time near to, or the center of the disk and clap your hands together to hold it. Once it is held, pull your hands closer to your chest area. 

This is by far the safest catch to do. Since the hands are near to your chest, a straight forward throw near to your chest shall be the easiest to catch using the pancaking technique. However, you can also adjust to make other catches above your head or below your knee. 

What Are Some of the Tips to Know When Making a Pancake Catch? 

A pancake catch is easy to make. It, however, needs accuracy and timing like the tips below shall reveal to you. 

Fix your eyes on the disk 

When playing a Frisbee game, your eyes should always be fixed on the disk. Right from the point, it leaves your opponent’s hand, to the point it reaches your hands. This way, you shall be able to do the correct timing of the disk. 

Try very much to make two-hand catches 

In most situations, ensure you do two hand catches more. This is because two hand catches are easier and better in catching than one-handed catching. Still, two-hand catching is safer than a single hand. 

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Always move towards the disk 

Immediately your opponent throws the disk, keep moving towards it until you catch it. This shall give you more chances of catching while avoiding any interception by the defender. 

Safety measures to ensure safe catching in frisbee 

Safety should always come first before anything else. With poor handling, frisbee gaming might cause a number of serious injuries. Sprains of the knee and ankle are usually common especially when a player makes sharp-angled corners when avoiding collision with the opponents or defender. 

During the game, you have to be careful to avoid such accidents. The following precautions shall help you keep safe. 

Take note of all the objects and obstacles that pause danger especially when you’re following the disk at high speed with an aim to catch. Obstacles do not have to be foreign materials in the field, actually, the cones might still make you slide and get injured. 

When throwing a disk, ensure that your opponent or teammate is aware. In case they are not aware, signal them to indicate that you are flying the disk to them. You should also take precautions and always keep your eyes on the disk to know when it’s coming to you. This shall avoid accidental hits by the disk. 

Learn and master the flying behavior of the disk. When running to the disk, the hint is to look at its movement, however, you should not forget about your fellow players who shall be also running for it. Avoid collision by knowing their position during the chase. 

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When learning to catch or throw, ensure you have space there should be no people around your scope of training. This is because the training sessions are especially dangerous since you have not mastered the throwing and the behaviors of the disk. If you are around a training beginner, stay a safe distance away and mind about their throws. 

Keep calm during the game and avoid violence. Frisbee is a competitive game like most of your opponents are winning or doing anything wrong, keep cool and calm. Let the right procedure take the course. 


Pancake catch frisbee, as you realize is one of the simplest yet safest catches to make in a Frisbee match. Ways ensure that your hands are at the right angle and close to your body to avoid injuries. 

Other than the pancake catch, we have a number of catch styles that are good for different throws, however, for a straight forward throw that is close to the cheat, pancake catch is the best. We hope the tips on how to catch and keep safe during the Frisbee match have left you better at your game.